Capes and Hats to Furs and Feathers – Fall Wedding Trends

  With last year’s bohemian minimalist influence on its way out you’ll notice a stark difference in brides-wear this fall.  Think beach bride turns more fairy nymph, and Louis XIV meets ‘70s disco minimalist.  Look for statement pieces that catch the eye with a dash of color. Perhaps it’s lingering majestic inspiration from The Duchesses

Planning the Perfect Outdoor Summer Wedding Reception

  Planning a summer wedding? You are probably searching for exceptional ideas to make your big day unforgettable? Well, we are here to help. Below are our curated favorites for your perusing pleasure! From seasonal flowers to refreshing reception drinks, these ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing to pull off a cool

Get Out of Your Routine and Venture Out to One of Lafayette Louisiana’s Newest Event Venues

Routines can be wonderful. Routines can be limiting. Routines provide a constant in our life in a busy, busy world that seems to change with every second. Some routines should never be broken. Things that promote good health should be routinely (sorry, there was no other way to say it) done.  Brushing your teeth, washing your

Employee Appreciation: Ways to Show Your Team Members You Care

Your employees need more than a paycheck to know they are doing a good job. If you, as a boss, lead by example, imagine the response when your employees know they are appreciated. In turn, your customers will be appreciated by your employees, and it shows in soaring customer satisfaction. Come up with a plan!

Your Invitation is Waiting! – Tour Le Pavillon at Parc Lafayette

Walk into anyone’s home or office and you will find a plethora of invites for Spring and Summer covering their refrigerator and message boards. Those are just paper invitations. There are plenty more electronic invitations making the rounds and holding dates for Spring and Summer. What is all the celebrating about? In a word, everything!