2018 Fall Wedding Fashion Trends

2018 Fall Wedding Fashion Trends

2018 Fall Wedding Trends | Le Pavillon at Parc Lafayette | Lafayette, LAFashion show tradition still dictates that a designer’s show closes with the wedding dress being the last piece shown on the runway. 2018 fashion shows were no exception and while the tradition of showing a wedding look continued, some of the hottest trends were less than traditional.

What are the best looks for a Fall wedding? That’s for the bride to decide but for inspiration read this list of some of the biggest 2018 Fall Wedding Outfit Trends:

Forget the dress: That’s right. The biggest gasp producing look for the bride was pants! Sleek, simple pant suits adorned several designers end of show bride. Many women never elect to wear dresses in their every day lives and want to be true to their style on their wedding day. White and cream pants tailored from silk, satin, lace, and even leather, are available that the slack loving bride!

Less of a dress: Maybe pants aren’t your cup of tea and you rock dresses as part of your style almost daily. Consider a more casual wedding look that is still a dress but in a shorter length and simple, paired-down style. Since so many modern brides opt for a wedding venue that isn’t as formal as a cathedral, fashion follows suit. Dresses appropriate and special for a city hall, garden, or casual wedding venue were spotted on plenty of runways as the go to look.

Keep it simple if full length: Plenty of full length gowns were on runways that nodded to what is the traditional wedding dress since Queen Victoria wore long and white centuries ago. Long gowns for Fall 2018 tended to be simple. Great cut, fluid yet close to the body, and unadorned are the three best ways to describe major designer’s full-length wedding gown looks.

Cover it up: Long sleeves covered many a models’ arms whether the wedding look is a pant suit, casual yet special dress, or a full-length gown. Fall 2018 is the year of the sleeve. Off the shoulder looks were few and far between. Don’t care for long sleeves? Cover up with a drape cape, capelet, or even hood. Wraps were big and lush to were over your wedding dress or pants. A few designers are attached hoods veils that served as a capelet when lowered off the head. Wraps were fashioned in everything from satin to fun faux fur. Figure friendly and usable after the big day are two reasons to wrap up your wedding look.
Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize: Attire for Fall 2018 weddings may have been simple and paired down, but when it came to accessories: MORE is MORE!

Ornate head dresses, beaded veils, feathered and stoned with crystals headbands that flowed into a full-length veil were all beautiful touches that topped the bridal gown, pant suit, or casual dress. Add bold dangling earrings and shoes and shiny shoes but don’t stop there. Bracelets, necklaces, rings (in addition to the wedding band) and purses were all sparkling and fashioned in rich textiles to add oomph to your 2018 Fall Wedding look.
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