3 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Private Event Venue in Lafayette

3 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Private Event Venue in Lafayette

Wedding Couple Leaning on an elegant carIf your thoughts involve selecting a private event venue in Lafayette, there are three things you should consider to guarantee success.  Those three things are location, atmosphere, and value.

Whether planning a once in a lifetime wedding experience, yearly corporate event, or hosting a party to celebrate someone or something, here is how Le Pavillon honors the important roles of location, atmosphere, and value:

Location, location, location.  Tripling that word for effect became popular years ago because where something is located says so much.  Guests of any event want a place that they can access with ease, has adequate attended parking, and is centrally positioned to major roadways, attractions, and businesses.

Le Pavillon is located in the heart of Acadiana in Parc Lafayette on Kaliste Saloom Road.  The Hilton Home 2 Suites is next door.  Eateries, shopping, and access to the Interstate are all within minutes of this venue.  Parking is abundant, well-lit, and valet service can be procured for any type event.  Have guests that will be utilizing air travel to your event?  The regional airport is about a 15-minute drive from this beautiful facility.

Geographically speaking the surroundings of Le Pavillon surpass the mark.  Aesthetically speaking you want your surroundings to be breath taking.

Venue atmosphere will aid in creating the mood you want for your private event.  The grand French architectural lines, lush foliage, and antique décor that lends itself to old world opulence will appeal to all five senses.

Three exquisite event rooms are at the ready to be adorned to your specifications.  Whether your party is an intimate affair for a small group or your corporate event will host hundreds, this venue can accommodate.

Adding to the atmosphere of your event is the dedicated staff that will serve your guests.  Kindness, professionalism, and attention to detail are characteristics of the service that the Le Pavillon staff takes pride in providing.

A list of preferred vendors, award winning photographers, caterers, and planners can be arranged to make your event memorable. Le Pavillon is a venue adaptable to any theme or event.

Value can be used to define importance or monetary worth.  The question, “What’s the value to you?”, should be asked when deciding on your private event venue. When considering that question, think about the lasting impression your attendees will have with the entire experience in mind?

Your guests will feel so very special attending an event at Le Pavillon.  Lasting impressions are made at this premier facility.

To explore the location, atmosphere, and value of holding your private event at Le Pavillon arrange a tour of the grounds by calling 337-371-1076.

Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. until noon, and Saturday and Sunday are by appointment.

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