April is National Volunteer Month: Celebrate the Volunteers in Your Community

April is National Volunteer Month: Celebrate the Volunteers in Your Community

Celebrating Volunteers in Lafayette, LA The month of April is set aside in the United States as National Volunteer Month. This is a time to honor the many women, men, youth, and children who serve their communities by volunteering. Corporate venues across America will be hosting appreciation dinners and signature events all month long.

It is also a time to encourage volunteerism so even more people will become involved in helping others in their neighborhoods, communities, and the world. These helpers inspire others to find out how they can make a difference in their local areas by the example they set.

Nationally honoring United States volunteers began in 1974. President Nixon set aside a week in April where communities showed appreciation to those who gave of themselves through service as volunteers. A week wasn’t long enough to celebrate and honor in some communities, so National Volunteer Week became a month-long time of recognition in the early 90s.

Studies by the American Medical Society and the National Mental Health Alliance show that people who volunteer consider themselves happier than non-volunteers. The studies also showed that volunteers have a greater sense of purpose and life satisfaction than counterparts who have never volunteered. What is it about lending a hand that makes folks feel so good? The answers vary as much as the volunteers that feel, and share, the love.

Volunteers feel satisfaction from a job well done and due to the multitude of ways one can volunteer, there are jobs for any level of ability that need to be accomplished. Whether picking up trash along a roadway, reading to a sight-challenged person, or helping out by distributing food at a shelter, becoming involved in your community helps build a sense of pride in accomplishment for young, old, and any age in between.

Time spent volunteering ranges from an hour a day to an afternoon once a year. The length of time a volunteer spends, again, will vary with the volunteer. Agencies like Volunteers of America, Habitat for Humanity, and local churches will help match the amount of time you have to spend with an appropriate cause that will benefit all in the community.

A dramatic increase in the amount of time Senior citizens spend volunteering has occurred in the last 25 years.  Senior volunteering increased by 60% in that time span. One reason for this increase of volunteer time is that we live longer and therefore have more time to volunteer.  The studies on those who volunteered showed that volunteers live longer. Want to expand on the time you have left, it could be as easy as helping someone less fortunate out.

Another way that volunteers help is in the planning of signature events that raise money for non-profits and in planning the special occasion that honors the volunteers who contribute time and money through out the year. Signature events are designed to shine the spotlight on a particular need or agency. Special occasions are designed to shine the spotlight on volunteers. April is a popular month to hold these thank your events.

To the volunteers in the Acadiana community, Le Pavilion celebrates your contributions and thanks you for your service. If your club or origination needs an event center for your next fundraiser in Lafayette, La, consider our unique location for banquets, events, and fundraiser.

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