April Showers, May Flowers and Floral Bridal Trends

April Showers, May Flowers and Floral Bridal Trends

Floral Bridal Trends

Gardeners will tell you May is all about growing and blooming things. Brides will tell you it’s all about flowers and greenery, regardless of the month, when you are planning the flora for your wedding celebration that will decorate the wedding venue.

Bridal publications and florists are noticing three main trends involving flowers and greenery for 2018 nuptials:  color blocking is big, less is more, and everything old is new again.

Flowers for nuptials over the past five years have leaned for the most part to romantic garden themes. Fresh, cut bouquets and blooms were used in excess. 2018 trends are leaning to simple, monochromatic looks with traditional blooms being used if flowering plants are used at all.

Some takes on the theme include:

Using dried flowers:  many brides opt to preserve their bouquet by drying the blooms. Florist decided to cut out the drying process and have the keepsake already preserved for the big day.  Dried bouquets and arrangements don’t need water and won’t wilt if temperatures warm up.  Two great reasons florists and brides are opting for dried arrangements.

Two bright colors:

The use of contrasting bright colors, or color blocking, is another trend for 2018 nuptials.  Purple and Gold are two of the most popular colors being used for color blocked arrangements; which is very apt in Louisiana with red and white standing out for the UL lovers. Team colors and/or favorite colors are used in dramatic arrangements that in improvisational shapes and materials; not necessarily flowers and plants.

Going green:

Potted non-blooming plants are becoming a popular choice for bridal floral arrangements.  Different textured leaves and different shades of green make for striking, eye-catching displays that are shared as party favors from environmentally conscious couples. Less waste and a lasting memory of a love that will continue to grow just like the cuttings shared with wedding guests.

Minimal arrangements:

Single bloom bridal bouquets are a hot trend. Imagine the dramatic simplicity of one hydrangea, hibiscus, or magnolia cradled in the bride’s hands. One type of flower, in a different color, for every attendant is also being seen as a minimalist’s dream alternative to bouquets.

Return to the classics:

Florists are seeing renewed interest in flowers considered old-dated just a year or so ago. Roses, carnations, and baby’s breath are all making comebacks. Updates to these traditional blooms are to have them dried and painted in a palette not occurring in nature but provides a visual treat.

Use of regional blooms:

Whatever grows in the region where you live and gives a nod to sustainability is increasing in popularity.  The Southern bride is blessed with many beautiful choices.  Camellias, dogwood, irises, gardenias, and azaleas are just a few blooms that are native to the South.  One couple plans to use pecans, still in their shells, and sweet potato vines in attractive, simple arrangements at their Fall ceremony later this year.

Wedding flora is just one of the many choices a wedding couple makes, finding a venue to host the wedding is can be a little more taxing, be sure to add Le Pavillon to your list of considerations.  For a private tour of this premier wedding and reception venue call today.

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