Employee Appreciation: Ways to Show Your Team Members You Care

Your employees need more than a paycheck to know they are doing a good job. If you, as a boss, lead by example, imagine the response when your employees know they are appreciated. In turn, your customers will be appreciated by your employees, and it shows in soaring customer satisfaction. Come up with a plan!

Your Invitation is Waiting! – Tour Le Pavillon at Parc Lafayette

Walk into anyone’s home or office and you will find a plethora of invites for Spring and Summer covering their refrigerator and message boards. Those are just paper invitations. There are plenty more electronic invitations making the rounds and holding dates for Spring and Summer. What is all the celebrating about? In a word, everything!

Before You Say, “I Do!”, The Big Day Planning Check List

You said yes to the proposal, and now it’s time to plan the most significant event of your life. How will you get it all done? Where do you start? Utilize this list to get the ball rolling towards the celebration of a lifetime: 12 Months before the wedding o Gather the parents together and

Offsite Meeting Spaces Increase Efficacy

Part of doing business is conducting meetings. Finding meeting spaces to accommodate the wide ranges of personalities and needs for your business gathering isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Space inside your facility might be considered appropriate and adequate for some meetings but often times you need an impressive, impactful locale to gather together. Meeting

New Do New You: Trending 2019 Hair Styles for Women & Men

The New Year brings plenty of occasions for special hairstyles in Louisiana with Mardi Gras balls and parties.  Our everyday hairstyles are important too.  Great looking hair can be yours when you allow yourself to experience a new hairstyle that is on-trend for 2019 whether it’s your new everyday look or a special look for

Carnival Season’s Around the Corner – Planning Your Events

Eight weeks of carnival season awaits Louisiana residents in 2019.  Are you the person that plans the parties for your krewe, office, or community club?  Do you schedule the facility for your krewe’s ball?  Now is the time to act and secure space at one of the newest facilities and event venues in the Acadiana

Event Venues in Lafayette:  Planning for Christmas and Mardi Gras

Christmas time means parties.  Dinner parties, charity events, office celebrations, and family reunions are just a few of the private events hosted at reception venues in Lafayette. At the end of the 12 days of Christmas, carnival season begins leading up to one of the most celebrated days in the South, Mardi Gras.  During carnival