Combining 2 Households:  Tips for Moving in With Your New Spouse

It is estimated that about 40% of all married couples live together before tying the knot.  That means that when the church ceremony is done, all the guests have left the wedding reception venue, and the literal honeymoon is over, 60% of couples will be combining two households into one. What’s the best way to

Refreshing Summer Drinks for Reception Guest Who Don’t Imbibe

Summer brings heat and thirst and many gathered at event centers and reception venues will be craving refreshing non-alcoholic drinks. Tried and true summertime drinks can quench cravings and make impressions when served with popular modern twists. Lemonade is the most requested summertime drink. Easy to make and being refreshing to boot are just two

Why are there so many June Brides? Answers “Come Clean” Below

  June seems to be a month filled with weddings. You will likely find yourself at a wedding venue sometime within the first 30 days of the summer season. How did this tradition come about? Historians offer a few of the reasons that June became a popular wedding month. Who wouldn’t want a marriage protected

April Showers, May Flowers and Floral Bridal Trends

Gardeners will tell you May is all about growing and blooming things. Brides will tell you it’s all about flowers and greenery, regardless of the month, when you are planning the flora for your wedding celebration that will decorate the wedding venue. Bridal publications and florists are noticing three main trends involving flowers and greenery

April is National Volunteer Month: Celebrate the Volunteers in Your Community

The month of April is set aside in the United States as National Volunteer Month. This is a time to honor the many women, men, youth, and children who serve their communities by volunteering. Corporate venues across America will be hosting appreciation dinners and signature events all month long. It is also a time to

3 Things to Consider Before Selecting a Private Event Venue in Lafayette

If your thoughts involve selecting a private event venue in Lafayette, there are three things you should consider to guarantee success.  Those three things are location, atmosphere, and value. Whether planning a once in a lifetime wedding experience, yearly corporate event, or hosting a party to celebrate someone or something, here is how Le Pavillon

Corporate Events: The Theme Makes the Meeting

Businesses have long histories of hosting special meetings to increase sales, reward employees, and convey information to potential clients in interesting and inviting ways. The special event venue and the theme of the overall gathering are important to the success of the affair. Deciding on a theme can be a process that takes a few hours

Could I Have This Dance?

While a father’s role in planning the wedding may not be that of his wife, he plays a big role in the wedding. Traditionally, the Father of the Bride is responsible for walking his daughter down the aisle and the very familiar father-daughter dance at the reception venue, after which he leads her to her husband to celebrate