Calm in the Time of Corona

Calm in the Time of Corona

Outdoor wedding at Le Pavillon's Colonnade - Outdoor Wedding Venues Lafayette LaOver the last few weeks, “unprecedented” seems to be a popular term to describe situations and events that have never been witnessed in a lifetime for several people.  Accompanying the unprecedented COVID-19 are stress, panic, hysteria, and uncertainty in the heavy silence in the air.  While being directly affected by the needed closures brought about by the novel corona virus, our Le Pavillon Family and Team are honored to serve our clients and patrons.  We are committed to easing the added stress, to the best of our ability, in an-already-stressful-time of planning a special event.


We have been working diligently to take care of our clients affected by the pandemic.   The majority of our clients who have followed these tips have had a successful reschedule of all vendors with absolutely no additional fees!  While we cannot guarantee success across the board, we want to share our knowledge with you!

1. Reschedule.  Don’t cancel!  We have found that all vendors are being extremely kind and workable by allowing postponements. Cancellations have resulted in lost deposits and payments that have been made. Most of our clients have successfully rescheduled all vendors.
2. Contact all vendors and get all open availability for July-December.  Create a spreadsheet so that once all information is gathered, a guide is created to figure which date is available for all or majority of the vendors.
3. Consider July, August, and September!  Due to the heat in Louisiana, summer months are traditionally slower for weddings and special events.  The most open dates are available during these months which will be helpful as you navigate securing a new date.
4. Be Flexible and Kind. This is hard on everyone, including vendors.  Most vendors are trying very hard to accommodate their clients’ requests.
5.  Gratitude!  Perspective and reflection are key to centering hope on the important things in life.  Thank you, to ALL of our Le Pavillon Family, Team, Clients, Vendors, Patrons, Servers, Managers, Directors, and Guests for your patronage!  We wish you all health and safety!

Once special events are back in business, Le Pavillon can provide the ultimate experience including custom decor, planning, and catering services.  Not only can our team handle the planning of your special event from start to finish, but we can also CATER your celebration with a custom culinary menu designed by Chef Paul Gibson featuring high-end, flavorful dishes with a Louisiana flair.

Here is a sampling of our popular menu items offered by Le Pavillon Catering:  Praline Chicken; Chicken & Gouda Flatbread; Shrimp Stir-Fry; Fruit Display; Charcuterie Board; Roasted Brussel Sprouts; Crab Pearls; Catfish Roulade; Coconut Shrimp; Jalapeno Bacon Burger Sliders; and Candied Bacon Deviled Eggs!

Conveniently located in Parc Lafayette, Le Pavillon is next door to the Hilton Home 2 Suites, and near many stores and eateries. Featuring grand french architecture, three exquisite event spaces, and elegant decor, Le Pavillon is sure to exceed all of your expectations.

If you would like to have your celebration, business meeting, wedding, or special event at Lafayette’s premier event center, please contact Hannah Trahan at 337-371-1076 or email her at!

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