Capes and Hats to Furs and Feathers – Fall Wedding Trends

Capes and Hats to Furs and Feathers – Fall Wedding Trends


With last year’s bohemian minimalist influence on its way out you’ll notice a stark difference in brides-wear this fall.  Think beach bride turns more fairy nymph, and Louis XIV meets ‘70s disco minimalist.  Look for statement pieces that catch the eye with a dash of color.

Perhaps it’s lingering majestic inspiration from The Duchesses of Sussex and York, or a reverse reaction to the increasingly casual take on street style, but this is the year of exaggerated swelled sleeves, high ruffled necklines, and confection bottoms.  Envision Victoria Era inspiration all around.

Necklines are high this fall, using a range of texture and finery.  Silk and satin ruffles, lace and tulle, to feathers and fur.  Necklines and sleeves have taken a dramatic turn.  The return of sleeves is not for modesty or warmth, in stark contrast they are a statement. Giving new life to the description big, bold and beautiful.  Sheer sleeves create a longer line while showing skin and far from traditional, they are ruffled or swelling at the wrist and are often detachable.

Capes too are making a comeback.  Sheer or ruffled, embroidered or embellished, long or short, these fresh and innovative designs are quite stunning as an entrance and exit accessory or to provide an element of cover to exposed skin or minimalist style. A classic chic style we are please has found its way to the scene.

Bohemian Replacement – Tulle layered skirts, feather accessories and wide-brimmed hats don the bohemian replacement – the fairy nymph.  More structured than its predecessor, this effortless and polished look is rather reminiscent of the modest middle-class Victorian Era than regal.   It’s an ode to the past, a visit to traditional sensibility.

Top hats wrapped in tulle or wrapped in a veil and cocktail headwear finish our list of fall wedding attire.  Many of the fabrics and finery listed above are incorporated into wedding venue décor as well.  Adding feathers of varying size and tulle to floral arrangements and arches for photographs, while the top hats and exaggerated headwear are playing double duty as cake table adornments.

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