Time to Book Your Fall Corporate Party Event Venue?

Fall for many is the perfect season.  The season’s activities are well underway in Louisiana. Football games on the weekend, pep rallies welcome classmates from decades ago, barbecue grills sizzling at tailgate parties, and classes resume for students of all ages. Fall also shepherds in a time of gathering for most. End of the year

Summer’s End is Near: Lafayette’s Must Do’s During the Final Days of Summer

Summer officially ends in the Northern Hemisphere on August 31st. There are plenty of places to visit and things to do in the Lafayette area that will help you get the most out of these last few summer days. Museums are a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or day. Learning about an area’s history

Combining 2 Households:  Tips for Moving in With Your New Spouse

It is estimated that about 40% of all married couples live together before tying the knot.  That means that when the church ceremony is done, all the guests have left the wedding reception venue, and the literal honeymoon is over, 60% of couples will be combining two households into one. What’s the best way to

Corporate Events: The Theme Makes the Meeting

Businesses have long histories of hosting special meetings to increase sales, reward employees, and convey information to potential clients in interesting and inviting ways. The special event venue and the theme of the overall gathering are important to the success of the affair. Deciding on a theme can be a process that takes a few hours

Could I Have This Dance?

While a father’s role in planning the wedding may not be that of his wife, he plays a big role in the wedding. Traditionally, the Father of the Bride is responsible for walking his daughter down the aisle and the very familiar father-daughter dance at the reception venue, after which he leads her to her husband to celebrate