Before You Say, “I Do!”, The Big Day Planning Check List

You said yes to the proposal, and now it’s time to plan the most significant event of your life. How will you get it all done? Where do you start? Utilize this list to get the ball rolling towards the celebration of a lifetime: 12 Months before the wedding o Gather the parents together and

Who will marry you?  Picking an officiant to administer the I Do!

Every wedding needs an officiant. The person that “ties the knot”, declares a couple, “husband and wife”, the one that signs the marriage certificate binding a couple together is an important choice for the ceremony.  Regardless if the nuptials take place in a temple, church, mosque, garden, wedding venue, or courthouse, the person who pronounces

Why are there so many June Brides? Answers “Come Clean” Below

  June seems to be a month filled with weddings. You will likely find yourself at a wedding venue sometime within the first 30 days of the summer season. How did this tradition come about? Historians offer a few of the reasons that June became a popular wedding month. Who wouldn’t want a marriage protected