Choosing a Wedding Gift for a Second Marriage

Choosing a Wedding Gift for a Second Marriage

Venues for second weddings - Le Pavillon, Lafayette, LaSecond marriages are not as uncommon as they were 50 years ago. Couples engaging in a second marriage occur with some regularity today. These marriages often involve couples over 55 years-of-age. Regardless of the number of weddings the bride and groom have between them, there is something they all have in common, that commonality is receiving gifts.

Occasionally the gifts that they receive are toted to wedding venues with some trepidation, especially if you have not taken the time to consider what an appropriate celebration of nuptials would be for those with established households. Today, you can carry your package to the gift table with particular pride because you have considered the following.

Chances are there will not be a gift registry after a first marriage or for couples in their twilight years. Without a gift registry to guide you, you may have to proceed somewhat creatively to give a meaningful gift that is useful to the couples’ new life.

Choosing a themed gift for a special experience, stage of family life or residence is an excellent place to start. Experience gifts are gifts that encourage the couple to do something or go somewhere that will be a unique adventure together or possibly with their grown children and grandchildren.

Examples of experience gifts are:
Dance lessons at a local studio that caters to those desiring to learn the moves to culturally specific dances. Samba, hula, and belly dance classes are common offerings at many dance studios. Consider pairing the lessons with a celebratory meal at a restaurant that serves food typical to the geographic area where the dance originated.

Season Memberships for local cultural events: local theatre troupes, the symphony or city orchestra, and museums all sell season passes or membership levels that come with tickets to performances and sometimes special events.

Donations to charitable organizations that are dear to the couples’ hearts or whose board of directions or committees they serve on provide the experience of solidifying their commitment to service and community life.

If a local non-profit has a signature event, consider purchasing a table in the couple’s name so they can enjoy a “red carpet” special event after their lives have merged.

Examples of family life gifts that are children and grandchildren friendly would include:

Tickets to a nearby zoo or aquarium. Children of all ages can enjoy a day spent learning about animals and fish in a relaxed setting. In Acadiana, passes to exhibits at Acadian Village or Avery Island would give the whole family a cultural experience indicative of the area.

A Movie Night Basket loaded with DVDs, popcorn, boxes of candy, a couple of pillows and a soft throw can go a long way when it comes to creating beautiful memories for a merged family.

Since many couples maintain two households even after marriage, examples of residence-oriented gifts would include anything duplicated for the homes of the couple:

Identical framed photographs or pieces of artwork.
Barbeque grilling tool, rubs, and sauces for outside fun and dining are a very practical choice. A red checkered lined picnic basket would be a great place to store the grilling goods.

Monogrammed towels are always a classic choice for any living situation.
Whatever you choose to gift the couple, even gift cards or certificates, put it in a package that is exquisitely wrapped. The beauty of the wrapping can be a gift in itself and punctuate the moment of unwrapping.

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