Combining 2 Households:  Tips for Moving in With Your New Spouse

Combining 2 Households:  Tips for Moving in With Your New Spouse

Moving in together after your wedding tips - Le Pavillon at Parc LafayetteIt is estimated that about 40% of all married couples live together before tying the knot.  That means that when the church ceremony is done, all the guests have left the wedding reception venue, and the literal honeymoon is over, 60% of couples will be combining two households into one.

What’s the best way to mesh your belongings together under one roof?  Read on for practical tips!

Start with the address:  Which home are you going to occupy together? Is it the place that one of you already lives or are you getting a place that is new to the both of you?  If one of your places is large enough to accommodate the two of you and your lifestyles, many newlyweds find it economical to stay put for a while before investing in their first home.

Take kitchen inventory:

The kitchen is a great room to start when combining households. Check your appliances, you will usually need one of each.  Compare them ahead of time and start donating, gifting, or sell things online that won’t be utilized anymore.  If one of you is the primary cook and the other is the beneficiary, let that gourmet make the decisions. Cookware, serving pieces, utensils, and china may be best sorted after the wedding gifts have all been unwrapped. You may be purging even more if some items made the registry and where gifted.

Good art doesn’t have to match the sofa:

Decorative pieces and artwork usually hold a special place in the owner’s heart. There is a reason it was displayed in the first place.  Some couples find it best to store paintings and objects they cannot immediately part with so that their collections can be utilized at different times. Other couples find if they must pare down, that setting a number of pieces that can be kept and weeding out based on side-by-side comparisons is best. If you are fortunate enough to each have a room that is yours to decorate, you can put the piece your spouse considers less than desirable there.  If not, compromise is key.

Since your art doesn’t need to match the furniture:

If you have more furniture than space, you may have to make decisions on which pieces of furniture you keep.  Some couples find hiring a decorator or stylist a wonderful thing. They can look at your items, ask you which you must keep, and merge your styles in a way that combines your individual tastes into a great couple style that represents the two of you.

Yes, I really do need all these shoes:

Closet and storage space is where many couples find it difficult to merge living spaces; especially if you will need to share a closet. Professional organizers recommend that you split the space equally and go from there.

Just like in your relationship, combining a household will take consideration, honesty, and some give and take. Respect each other, keep a sense of humor, and call in the help of professionals if need be to make your first habitat together truly your “Home Sweet Home”.

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