Contingency Plans for Your Outdoor Wedding

Contingency Plans for Your Outdoor Wedding

Backup Plans for your outdoor wedding - Le PavillonEvery bride imagines perfect 75-degree weather for her outdoor wedding, not too sunny with a few clouds for pictures. But what happens when it doesn’t work out that way? Planning is everything, and it is in your best interest to prepare for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. While some things can’t be controlled, having a contingency plan in place can help with the disappointment and likely frazzled feelings that are sure to arise.

Always speak with your potential venue about back up plans. Before booking your dream venue, ask about contingency plans should the weather decide not to cooperate. Will they have

an indoor space available, or can they provide tents or a temporary structure? While you are probably looking at their space for the outdoor features, you’ll want to understand what will happen should the weather not participate. If what you see is what you get from the outdoor venue, you might be able to secure tents and platforms from a wedding rental vendor. If the contingency options are not satisfactory, you may want to forego the dream outdoor wedding venue for a more flexible venue.

Plan ahead.
A week or two before your wedding is not the time to start your contingency planning for foul weather. If an outdoor wedding is your dream, start the backup plans while planning the perfect wedding. Don’t allow your contingency plan to leave you feeling like the day wasn’t perfect due to lack of preparation. All wedding plans take time to put together, your contingency plan is not an exception.

Put it on paper.
So that your backup plans don’t feel like backup plans, have it in writing that way all involved can help to execute them without undue stress. Provide a step-by-step action plan should need for execution arise. From where the food and beverages will be stationed to where the floral arrangement will look best now that your wide-open space has been reduced. Anything that you planned for the dream day should be taken into account for the contingency.

While rain is the typical culprit, it is not the only trick mother nature has up her sleeve. Prepare for all weather aberrations. Extreme heat and unseasonably cool weather are also typical weather concerns. Do you need to secure fans or heaters? Can these be rented from your venue or do they need to be outsourced? Are there electrical outlets for these accessories or will you need to bring in a generator and commercial extension cords? These questions and more are the sort of details that need to go into contingency planning.

Keep your guest in the loop.
Every outdoor wedding is subject to weather events, if your heart is set on one be sure to keep your guest in the loop by including a rain card in the invitation and on your website. Remind them your intent is to hold an outdoor wedding and what you believe the temperature range will be. For your out of town quest, remind them to dress appropriately and to pack additional items for slightly cooler or warmer weather. The more you can share with your guests the happier and more comfortable they will be.

The contingency space.
Mirror the intent and feel of your dream outdoor wedding venue in Lafayette, La while planning the backup. Include the dance floor, seating, photography area etc. Doing so initially will help you avoid disappointments in design if you are incorporating the details for your dream space.

One often overlooked consideration is event insurance. On the off chance a natural disaster occurs, event insurance can help protect your financial investment. Event insurance coverage varies by carrier, so call your insurance agent to understand better how it can protect you.

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