Corporate Holiday Party Planning Ideas

Corporate Holiday Party Planning Ideas

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Are you tasked with organizing an annual holiday work party? It can be a lot of fun if approached the right way. As with any event, the focus should revolve around the attendees. The party venue should also reflect your guest. If the guests have a great time, your event planning will be remembered as a success, even when some details were accidentally overlooked. The great news about planning a holiday party is that everyone wants to enjoy it, so your job is essential to keep the energy going.

Some of the best ideas for work parties are the ones that encourage attendees to laugh and smile. A successful party need not cost a fortune, but you do need a budget, so start there. Once your budget is established, ask your co-workers to participate in generating creative ideas. Below are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Guess Who’s Santa
Simple, yet fun, and guaranteed to garner laughs. Enlist a co-worker to dress up as Santa. After your guest have arrived invite Santa into the room to deliver gifts and introduce him or her to the crowd. During Santa’s introduction, ask your guest to raise their hand if they know who it is. Offer a present to the first to recognize Santa.

Door Prizes
If your budget doesn’t allow for gifts for everyone, consider door prizes. Crowd favorites are paid day off or gift certificates to local restaurants and coffee houses. For additional fun, offer prizes for guessing the number of candy canes or Hershey’s Kisses in a vase.

Christmas Around the World
Spice things up, consider an international Christmas menu. Traditionally, Mexican, Asian and Italian make this list, but don’t overlook unusually ideas such as Polish, Finnish, or Tai cuisine. For additional international flair, consider decor and traditions from each country.

Special Causes
Holidays are a time of giving. While everyone is the spirit, many companies include charitable giving to their holiday celebration. The company holiday party is a great opportunity to recognize those involved in charity work within the company. If your company is so inclined, consider collecting presents for the less fortunate in the community, or consider sponsoring a family for the holidays. You could supply a list of the sponsored family’s needs and allow volunteers to purchase items on their wish list.

Local Entertainment
If budget permits, hire a local entertainer to liven up the evening. Bands, comedians or local radio or tv personality can bring the event to the next level. Do limit the time your entertainment will be the focus. Remember that the idea is to have a company social where employees have an opportunity to visit.

White Elephant Gag Gifts
People find it easier to purchase funny gifts than traditional presents, especially when working with a range of personalities. More popular ideas for this type of gifting include prizes for the worst gift under $10 or $20. Be sure to establish gag gift rules to keep it clean and HR friendly.

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