Could I Have This Dance?

Could I Have This Dance?

While a father’s role in planning the wedding may not be that of his wife, he plays a big role in the wedding. Traditionally, the Father of the Bride is responsible for walking his daughter down the aisle and the very familiar father-daughter dance at the reception venue, after which he leads her to her husband to celebrate the change in marital status.

Centuries ago, the Father of the Bride dance was the opening to the reception. Custom dictated that dad escort daughter to the dance floor, dance a stanza or two of the special song selected to mark this important moment, and then presenting her to the groom where she steps into her new role as a wife.

Through decades of progress, the custom of a father passing his daughter to the groom became passé, but the tradition of the father-daughter dance continued as a celebratory expectation. Today’s first dance is usually reserved for the newly wedded couple.

Husband and wife take to the floor to begin the festivities. Often, the attendants and guests are asked to join the couple on the dance floor to mark the happy occasion.

The second dance is usually when the Father of the Bride leads his princess out to the floor to celebrate her day. Music for this dance range from childhood favorites to songs that represent their special relationship.

Thank Heaven for Little Girls, Butterfly Kisses, My Girl, and I Loved Her First are a few popular choices, but any song that has meaning to the bride and her father will fit. Many brides choose a song that dad taught them to dance to when they were little or a song that is remembered because it was played so often during childhood.

Recently a bride chose Take Me Out to the Ballgame played for her father-daughter dance because it was the first song her dad taught her to sing. The reception hall filled with the sound of guests’ voices joining in as the bride’s father swayed his daughter around the ballroom floor.

The style of dance shared between a bride and her father should be considered in advance of the big day, Waltzing, two-stepping, and swing are a few of the more popular dances, however, you should feel free to think outside of the box.

In recent years, choreographed dance numbers have become popular. Dads and daughters come up with special routines under the professional guidance of a dance instructor or coach. Adding to the fun at many receptions is the inclusion of the mother of the bride and the groom’s parents too.

The bond between a daughter and her father is unique and deserves to be highlighted. As you plan your wedding reception, consider including this time-honored tradition that will live in your memories forever.

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