Employee Appreciation: Ways to Show Your Team Members You Care

Employee Appreciation: Ways to Show Your Team Members You Care

Corporate Party Venue - Lafayette, La - Le PavillonYour employees need more than a paycheck to know they are doing a good job. If you, as a boss, lead by example, imagine the response when your employees know they are appreciated. In turn, your customers will be appreciated by your employees, and it shows in soaring customer satisfaction.

Come up with a plan!
Employees need to know you appreciate them. It may sound crazy but, if you poll employees on things they would like to have done to show appreciation, and then come up with a plan, even if very modest, will be perceived as an earnest attempt to recognize their contributions.

Whether fun or formal, a plan put in place shows caring.

Follow through on that plan!
Whatever you plan: work it! Follow through shows appreciation in a big way. If you say you are going to have donuts once a month and then don’t deliver donuts for three months because you’ve gone on a diet, it is demoralizing. Work your plan to show appreciation.

Acknowledge birthdays!
Everyone likes to feel special and birthdays are the perfect opportunity. Even if you only hold a monthly cake and punch party to celebrate birthdays that fall in that month, your employees will recognize that you made an effort to remember their special day.

Write a note!
Emails are great but… to really show you appreciate someone, take time to write a handwritten note.

Gift cards!
Keep a basket of gift cards to local stores and shops on hand.  Include a variety of gift cards, from coffee shops or movie tickets to bowling and grocery stores.  When you finish a large project or hit a benchmark, walk around one afternoon and let employees pick a card of their choice.

Everyone likes to see their name in print and receive a tailor-made award. Use your creativity and come up with fun certificates that acknowledge even the smallest contributions. Morale gets built up when we see that absolutely everything matters and is award-worthy.

Certificates from peers!
Provide the paper, printing, and time and let employees make the awards for each other. Things you never knew were happening will come to light when you encourage employees to appreciate each other’s contributions to internal customer service.

Party, party, party!
Impromptu parties for obscure events can be fun. Formal parties on holidays build ample goodwill. Team meetings turned into pizza parties, or dinner parties turn the routine into memorable events.

Let’s Learn!
Special training sessions, especially those not based on career and business goals go a long way in showing appreciation. Have company-wide events that teach new skills and encourage sharing of knowledge.

Community Involvement!
Show your staff and your community how being part of the community impacts both for the better. A billboard or website photos of your staff volunteering shows appreciation full-circle.

Great Swag!
The latest promotional item with your logo can be an excellent acknowledgment tool when shared with your staff first.  Let them show they are proud to work where they do, whether your sway is a USB drive with your logo or a tote bag that carries papers to the local recycling center.

Acknowledging your staff can be a lot of fun. When you need an off-site location to host that business meeting, appreciation lunch, awards dinner, training session, or product introduction, consider Le Pavilion’s corporate event venue in Lafayette La.

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