Falling in love with these wedding trends

Falling in love with these wedding trends

Beautiful Fall Trends for Your Wedding Venue - Lafayette, LAExchanging “I do’s” in the Fall allows for the use of seasonal wedding trends that are charming. Taking a trend and making it a heart-warming expression of a couple’s love, not just for each other, but for their family, friends, and community is a wonderful way to allow personality and practicality to take center stage at the ceremony and reception.

Take a cue from Mother Nature and use leaves rather than blooms for bouquets, centerpieces, and altar festooning this time of year.  Leaves, nuts, and bare branches being used in place of flowers and greenery are a tremendous trend being seen at nuptials across the nation for Fall.  The rich browns, reds, and oranges found in nature this time of year make for beautiful arrangements that compliment virtually any color palette your wedding party wears.

Using pumpkins and gourds is also a popular way to make the most of Fall foliage.  Whether your taste runs regal or rustic, these common Fall vegetables translate well as decorations for tables, altars, and pathways.  Scattered leaves rather than rose petals make a beautiful, colorful path to the altar for the bride.

The wedding color palette trend for Fall is rich tones from the purple family.  Burgandy and plum are the hottest color choices for weddings at the time of year when we start to feel a chill in the air.  Fabrics with rich textures like velvet, corduroy, and brocade are fashionable choices this Fall.  Finish your look with a light metallic touch.  A burnished gold or silver with low sheen is best to carry through the rich jewel tones of burgundy and plum.

When it comes to Fall food that is trending for the wedding reception, pumpkin spice is nice!  Pumpkin spice cake with a light glaze wins the wedding flavor trend hands down.  With a rich flavored cake taking center stage, the groom’s cake need not be a cake at all.  My or my, three kinds of pies, are setting the groom’s table at trendy Fall weddings.  One chocolate, one traditional fruit (like cherry or apple), and one custard are the three flavors of choice to meet tasty trends for 2018.

Stocking the bar with wine, beer, and spirits from local wineries, micro-breweries, and distilleries are on trend.  Lucky enough to have a local dairy?  Have milk as an offering to go with that full-flavored pumpkin spice cake.  If liquor is not available locally, go state or region-wide.  The trend nods to keeping things in the community and many communities range wide.

Setting your wedding date to coincide with a holiday like Thanksgiving is very on-trend.  Families are going to gather and the second most traveled holiday is Thanksgiving Day, so one of the reasons behind the trend is to take advantage of family and friends already being together.  Capitalizing on the fact that family and friends will already be gathered in one spot makes attending your wedding memorable and more cost-effective for guests.

Consideration of what is happening in nature and on the calendar helped make these ideas some of the best trends for Fall nuptials.  Consider the premiere Acadiana wedding venue Le Pavillon as the place to hold your nuptials regardless of time of year.

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