Your Invitation is Waiting! – Tour Le Pavillon at Parc Lafayette

Your Invitation is Waiting! – Tour Le Pavillon at Parc Lafayette

The Grand Ball Room - Le Pavillon - Lafayette, LaWalk into anyone’s home or office and you will find a plethora of invites for Spring and Summer covering their refrigerator and message boards. Those are just paper invitations. There are plenty more electronic invitations making the rounds and holding dates for Spring and Summer.

What is all the celebrating about? In a word, everything! As expected, weddings are always in the mix of invitations received this time of year. Other special events asking for your attendance are graduations, showers, cotillions, recitals, and retirement parties. Adding further to the list of engagements you are invited to attend are invitations to reunions, fundraisers, and awards gatherings.

Throw in the special school events that your children and teens are invited to, like prom, speech team competitions, and theatrical productions, and something is happening nearly every day and evening. Where are all these events taking place? Usually, special occasions call for unique event venues.

Acadiana has a stand-out special event venue in the heart of the city.  Le Pavillon is an event center unique in its ability to cater to the desires for the organizers of any type of event.

Formal and semi-formal functions like prom, awards dinners, volunteer recognition banquets, cotillions, and pageants all find the facilities at Le Pavillon first-rate. Large or small, events held at this venue are given the attention to detail needed.

Casual events such as non-profit fundraisers, family reunions, committee meetings, and high school reunions benefit from being held at this central Acadiana venue. Close to major and boutique hotels and the airport, those traveling from out-of-town to attend special events rave about the locale.

An outstanding location is just one facet of the amenities offered at Le Pavillon. Special service providers that are stand-outs in their fields can be sourced through this venue. Photographers, Caters, Dee Jays, Florists, Make-up Artists, and Special Event Planners can all be secured with the experienced help of the dedicated Le Pavillon staff.

Truly a one-stop location, this special events venue can accommodate with various size rooms and set-up configurations as well. Whatever size space needed, this venue can adapt to the situation. For instance, the grand ballroom can be configured with vast space for dancing the night away at a prom or row upon row of tables and chairs for a business conference or training session to introduce a new product or service.

More intimate spaces are available for Mother’s Day Luncheons, fundraising meetings, and volunteer recognition ceremonies. All rooms are beautifully appointed with old-world charm. Our hospitable staff serve attendees with care to further add to the atmosphere of Southern warmth.

As you sift through your invitations this spring, chances are you will be visiting the Lafayette special event venue Le Pavillon. Planning an event, schedule your tour of Le Pavillon at Parc Lafayette to turn your event into an affair to remember. Once you see the possibilities of how the beautiful spaces of this venue can be utilized, you will have found your go-to special event venue for all life’s special moments.

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