Why are there so many June Brides? Answers “Come Clean” Below

Why are there so many June Brides? Answers “Come Clean” Below


wedding venueJune seems to be a month filled with weddings. You will likely find yourself at a wedding venue sometime within the first 30 days of the summer season. How did this tradition come about? Historians offer a few of the reasons that June became a popular wedding month.

Who wouldn’t want a marriage protected by the force of a goddess? Juno, the goddess that the month of June derives its name from, is the goddess that was/is the protector of women. Her powers were particularly strong and effective when it came to protecting fertility and love.

It is said that love leads to marriage which then leads to a baby carriage. Centuries ago marriage nearly always led to child bearing. Due to this expectation of women, most married in the month of June (Juno) to honor this extraordinary goddess to have their love and reproductive efforts protected by her ultimate force.

Another motive historians found was that weddings held in June correlated with preferred birth dates. Most brides were expectant mothers within the first month of their nuptials.  If you become pregnant in June or July that means your baby would be born between February and April

Babies that are born in the Spring time of year, or planting time of year, didn’t interfere with harvest time in the late summer and early fall.  The women were able to help on the farm bringing with the crops if they had a child in the Spring.

Another prominent reason that couples opted to marry in June is because it was annual bath time.  You read that right. In the 14th century people bathed annually. Once a year you had your bath, or the first of a few baths, in June when the weather was once again warm.

The tradition of having bridal showers and flowers stems from the practice of having an annual bath time.  Flowers were first used to decorate and for the bridal party to carry or wear to mask the aromas of taking a bath just once a year.

Bridal showers, somewhat self-explanatory, it was a gift to bathe before the nuptials. Showering the couple with needed things became synonymous with the actual cleansing ritual of soaping up under running water.

Fast forward to the time where we bathe regularly, sometimes multiple times a day, and June is still a popular month for weddings.  In fact, there are still more June brides than in any other month.

The popularity of June nuptials was represented in movies like June Bride and in the song by the same name in the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  If a movie and song weren’t enough to continue to influence brides in choosing a June date for their wedding, there are a few common-sense reasons in modern times.

Modern reasons that many couples opt to hold their ceremony in June include school schedules, the warm weather, and the month of June is the only summer month that doesn’t have a major holiday.

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