New Do New You: Trending 2019 Hair Styles for Women & Men

New Do New You: Trending 2019 Hair Styles for Women & Men

Event Centers Lafayette, LA - Le PavillonThe New Year brings plenty of occasions for special hairstyles in Louisiana with Mardi Gras balls and parties.  Our everyday hairstyles are important too.  Great looking hair can be yours when you allow yourself to experience a new hairstyle that is on-trend for 2019 whether it’s your new everyday look or a special look for turning heads when you arrive at your Mardi Gras event venue.


Hair trends for women are all about movement.  Whether the length is long, medium or short, movement and texture play large roles in fashionable, trending hairstyles for women.  Some of the best looks are:


Choppy—think defined pieces all over your head.  Blunt pieces help produce the choppy look.


Piecey—almost the same as choppy but not as defined.  Blended pieces create the look that flows together rather than laying roughly against each other.


Feathering—the popular 70’s icon looks returns.  Feathering, especially around the face, creates an eye-enhancing effect that softens features as well.


Layered—whether defined or subtle, layered hair is the way to go.  Layers help grow out many styles and allows for maximum movement.


Waves—think soft curls brushed out just leaving a hint of movement.  Beachy hair looks remain popular.  Imagine the wave hair gets naturally when allowed to dry in salt air at the beach.  That’s the kind of waves that are on trend for the new year.


Textured—think polished bed head.  When you wake up with pillow pressed movement into your hair, imagine being able to neaten that look for all day:  that’s the kind of texture that will be a popular look.


Movement is important is special occasion hairdos too.  Whether wedding day hair for the bride, attendant, or flower girl or special occasion hairdos for a Mardi Gras Ball attendee or court member, there are three big looks for 2019.


Half and Half—this updo has some of hair up and some of the hair down.  Loose buns with escaped pieces look right as do random strands pinned up for a controlled, messy look.


Accessorized—headbands, jewels, ribbon sashes, barrettes…the accessory doesn’t matter as long as the hair is adorned.  Simple is more on trend than elaborate so when selecting an accessory for your special occasion, keep the less is more rule front of mind.


Braids—as an accent or the focal point of your hairdo, braids are a great look.  Loosely braided hair allows for movement and polish at the same time.  Even short hair looks great with a tiny side braid or a headband made from braided hair adds a special touch.  Braids with ribbons woven with the hair uses two on-trend looks at one time.


While women’s hairstyles are all about movement, trends in men’s hairstyles were more about control.  Some on trend 2019 styles for men’s hair includes:


Crew cuts—not just for the military bound any longer.  Super short crew cuts are the ultimate masculine look right now.


Pompadour—if a short cut isn’t for you, keep your hair longer and style it into a pompadour.  Short on the sides with longer hair on top is the signature pompadour look.


Hard side part—make a dramatic statement with a hard side part that fades into a combover if you want some longer hair.  If you keep your hair short and neat, the hard side part is a trendy retro look for men.


Slicked back—another popular look is slicked back with gel.  This look is particularly on trend with a full beard.


Beard or Shaven—both on trend.  A rule of thumb with 2019 hair?  The shorter the hair the fuller the beard.


Whether opting for one of these trends for your everyday look or for special occasions, like a wedding or Mardi Gras ball, you’ll look picture perfect wherever you go!


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