New Year’s Eve Decorating Ideas for Your Party Venue

New Year’s Eve Decorating Ideas for Your Party Venue

Are you celebrating New Year’s Eve with a party this year? We curated a few festive ideas to help decorate your party venue in Lafayette Louisiana. Whether you are hosting an elegant soiree or a casual get together, your event can benefit from one or more of the glitzy ideas below.

  1. Party Table – Get inspired by a mirrored disco ball centerpiece, clock collection and candles (many of which you can find at the Dollar Store). This elegant table will be sure to wow your party guests!
  2. Mini Bow Ties (DIY style) – Try adorable bow ties with adhesive color gemstone buttons to dress up champagne glasses. The color can identify to whom the flute belongs on New Year’s Eve. 
  3. Elegant Table Scapes – While white, silver and gray tend to be the color scheme for New Year’s Eve, you could pull in any trio of colors using Christmas tree décor. Light or dark, consider layering in party hats and horns for the count down. Silver or Gold tinsel ribbon tied around cocktail napkins add a festive touch and sprinkle the extra tinsel around the tables for a glitter effect when the lights dim. 
  4. Black & Gold – This color duo brings elegance and drama to any table. Adorn your chairs like a gift-wrapped present — wrap chairs with iridescent fabric for that extra wow factor.
  5. Festive Themed Party Table – Add stylish leopard plates either on top or bottom of a solid color appetizer or dinner plate. Consider an elegant clock-face runner adorned with pearl throws as party favors. Clear glass votives with vintage glass ornaments will add sparkle.
  6. Glam & Glitz – Try do-it-yourself gold leaf chargers and sprinkled gold confetti around the table.
  7. Elegant Clock Plates (DIY) – Find a clock face or faces to print. Use clear glass dinner plates and place the cutout of clock faces between a gold, silver or black charger and the transparent glass plate. 
  8. Table Centerpiece(s) – Decorative plates featuring a mix of silver, black, white, clear or gold décor create a festive, eye-catching focal point.
  9. Glass Bottles – Transform an array of old glass bottles into a simple centerpiece. You will need gold, silver, white and black spray paint. Use four glass bottles and four large numbers to add the new calendar year (one number on each bottle, or all four numbers on one bottle leaving the others simple painted in your color scheme of choice. Spray each bottle a different color, using a complementary color for the numbers. You can use a stencil for the numbers or you can free-hand paint them.  
  10. New Year Wall Décor – Ring in the New Year with a festive wall for photo ops. Consider a printable banner with the New Year or eclectic rosette fans either wall mounted or hanging, include tassels or streamers for filler. Any elegant color trio will work for this masterful photo backdrop. 

The following are excellent suggestions for color combos that create real impact regardless of a dark or light theme:

  • Spring Mix Jumbo Party Confetti Coins (pink, blush, and gold)
  • Mini Gold Foil and Grey Appetizer Party Plates
  • Metallic Mix Jumbo Party Confetti Tissue (gold, black and silver)
  • Gold Strokes Black Cocktail Napkins
  • An assortment of cupcake or dessert toppers – with the words Cheers, Yay, Celebrate, and Let’s Party to place randomly throughout the dessert trays.
  • Gold, Black, Silver, Grey, or Blush colored foil paper fans.
  • Hurricane candle holders – for floating votive or pillar candles.

When you are planning a New Year’s Eve Event that requires a large elegantly-appointed event space in Lafayette Louisiana, consider Le Pavillon at Parc Lafayette. 


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