Something Old, Something New…We’ve Found The Reception Venue for You

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Something Old, Something New…We’ve Found The Reception Venue for You

Weddings are full of traditions, exchanging rings, wearing a white gown, the groom not seeing his bride until the day of the wedding in said white garment are but a few of the traditions that seem to transcend time. Traditions start when someone finds a unique way to express themselves, creating an atmosphere that is memorable for the couple and their guest. The reception venue is where it all starts.

Today’s engaged couple need look no further than Le Pavillon in Lafayette.  This venue stands ready to host wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies or engagement parties.  The couple that chooses this grand setting will begin a new tradition.  For years to come, generation will return to this venue for special celebrations.

Wedding receptions and parties date back centuries and have taken place in some form in nearly every recorded culture.  These celebrations are traditionally held when the wedded couple is presented and received into their community.  A few traditions at these festivities include toasting the couple, feasting in celebration, special music, dancing, and presenting the newlyweds with gifts.

In the United States, wedding receptions were commonly held at home before World War II.  After the second World War, couples turned to ballrooms, community centers, and church halls where they would form a receiving line to greet those who witnessed the wedding ceremony.

Today’s wedded couple are received after their wedding ceremony in a more triumphant style.  The freshly married couple are gloriously introduced to their guests at the reception venue while music plays, friends and family applaud and congratulate the couple as they jubilantly take to the floor for their first dance.

The type of reception that follows your nuptials will be as unique as you and your partner. Whether you crave the intimacy of a small dinner party with a string quartet, a ballroom filled with hundreds of guests, or a celebration that incorporates all the traditions and with modern twists, Le Pavillon will honor your vision.

As the newest wedding reception venue in Lafayette Louisiana, Le Pavillon is building a reputation for excellence.  Poised to become the destination for discerning couples planning their wedding, it all starts with an appointment to view this beautiful facility.

To arrange your private showing of Le Pavillon at Parc Lafayette call 337-371-1076.

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