Thank You Notes: A History and How To

Thank You Notes: A History and How To

Hand written thank you in many languages - Le Pavillon Appreciation is shown for a variety of reasons.  After attending an event and giving a gift is one of the most common reasons thanks are expressed.  The tried and true way of offering a thank you is with a handwritten card. The card is usually delivered via mail or can be hand delivered as well.

Writing notes is nothing new.  Egyptian and Chinese cultures were the first known to exchange messages of goodwill and good fortune on pieces of papyrus. In the 1400s thank you notes were exchanged after someone invited you to their home.

In the United States greeting cards and thank you note cards were first circulated in the mail with the invention of the postage stamp in 1840.  Mass manufacturing in 1856 led to the practice of sending thank you notes for attending weddings, showers, parties, and to acknowledge the receipt of a gift.

Sending a hand-written thank you note, rather than a letter, after a casual business encounter became an accepted and even preferred custom in the mid-1900’s.  Letters are still used today but by in large a thank you note still reigns supreme according to etiquette.

Both the receiver and sender of a thank note get benefits.  Expressing gratitude benefits us physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  Studies show that reading and writing sincere expressions from a thankful heart lowers blood pressure, increases serotonin levels in the brain, and creates a feeling of calm.

The power of paper and ink is strong.  All of these benefits begin with the procurement of a few supplies.  The first thing you need is a note card.  Designs range from formal heavy stock paper to whimsical stationary that can be custom printed with the touch of a button.

Grab a pen.  Do you have a signature color or do you know the favorite color of the person you are thanking?  Use it to write your thank you note.  Personalization will only increase the level of appreciation expressed in the note.

Stamps can be purchased on-line, at your local post office, and even at the grocery store in many places. You can select from a variety of shapes, images, and even have custom stamps printed if you want to go that far.

After you have your paper, pen, and stamps you are ready to say thank you.  How do you start? Simply include the person’s name, the thank you, the reason you are thanking them, and the feelings that you have from the exchange that made you appreciative.  In example:

Hello Bob:   Thank you for meeting me for coffee yesterday. I enjoyed our conservation and will use the tips of investing you shared. You taking time out of your busy schedule showed me how important your customers are to you.  All the best!

Or maybe:

Dear Aunt Betty:  We love the knife set.  It will be used practically every day when we cook. Thank you for the wedding gift we will treasure for years to come.  You are our favorite cut-up!

Regardless of what you say, the receiver and sender will receive the benefits of being gracious and saying thank you as a means of acknowledgement.

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