Thankful, gift-giving, celebrating time of year is here

Thankful, gift-giving, celebrating time of year is here

Christmas Event Venue - Le Pavillon at Parc Lafayette, Lafayette, LAYear-end holidays bring much opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the people you work alongside daily.  These are the people who you see day in and day out at the office or the ones who you cross paths within your daily duties.  These are the people who make things happen in your place of business or service organization.  Wouldn’t you like to show them how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication with a tailored to their uniqueness party or celebration at an event venue that is versed in offering the finest in hospitality, food, drink, and surroundings?


You can do just that right now.  It is not too late to book your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and/or New Year’s celebration at Le Pavilion.


End of year holidays offers the perfect opportunity to welcome your staff and/or customers to an event themed around the national days of celebration that are quickly approaching.  Fall’s biggest holiday is Thanksgiving.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to offer thanks and appreciation for a job well done throughout the year with a special lunch or dinner?


The first Thanksgiving did just that when a diverse group that worked together to survive gave thanks for the abundance that was to be theirs due to their relationship.  Your group can do a similar thing gathered around tables where a celebratory meal can be held to mark the many successes experienced in the past year and the ones that are yet to come.


Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa celebrate community with customs that involve giving.  Your business holiday celebration or party could be based on giving as well.  Organize a charity event where employees can give back to the community where they live, work, and play.


Prefer to share a gift with your customers and employees, do so at a meet and greet with cookies and cocoa where people can come and go as it is convenient for them.  Holding something at a special location with beautiful surroundings will be a gift in itself when you utilize the best event venue.


New Year’s is a great holiday to say goodbye to the successes of last year and hello to the various opportunities in the new one.  It is also an opportunity to host a party for your employee’s hard work.


Regardless of the type of end-of-year holiday event you would like to host, Le Pavilion as one of Lafayette Louisiana’s premier event venues is ready to help you. The incredible staff is ready to throw a festive celebration in surroundings fit for any size and holiday party.


Whether you would like to host an exquisite sit-down dinner with a string ensemble playing softly in the background, a casual buffet with a comedian or motivational speaker or an assortment of appetizers with an open bar and a band or DJ that gets everyone on the dance floor, Le Pavilion has the roster of vendors for you. Already know who you want to cater your event and have a favorite band on hold for your special party and just need the right place to hold the festivities? This event venue can accommodate in that way as well.


You owe it to yourself and to your guests to find out how Le Pavilion can tailor an event celebrating the end of year holidays for you. You’ll be thankful you explored this event venue and staff that lives to give you the best.

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